WAVE is going to release the Shion ( シオン ) & Keroro Dragon ( ケロロドラゴン ) originally Ver. ~Premium limited ticket~ ( プレミアム限定チケット )non-scale PVC figure set from the up coming anime moive “Keroro Gusoun Moive 4 Dragon Warrior” ( 超劇場版ケロロ軍曹4 撃侵ドラゴンウォリアーズであります!). Will be released in January 2009. Shion is around 125mm tall, Keroro Dragon is around 190mm tall and 350mm width. Comes with USB powered LED base, 11,800 yen. Only 1,555 pieces will be manufactured.

My Brother-in-Law like Keroro Gunsou so much. He has a lot of Keroro figures and model kits. I wonder if he’s gonna get this figure set. But I guess my sister is gonna kill him if he’s gonna spend that much $$$ for it. XD

Keroro Gunsou movie 4 teaser

Official Keroro Gunsou movie homepage

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