Arcadia 3D Lab is going to release the Maniwa Penguin ( 真庭人鳥 ) non-scale 3D Printer Figure from the light novel/anime “Katanagatari” ( 刀語 ). Will be released in November 2015. Around 73mm tall, 8,800 yen. Arcadia Online Shop and Tokyo Anime Center exclusive.

Maniwa Houou, Maniwa Penguin, Maniwa Kawauso

Here come the 3D Printer Figures by Arcadia 3D Lab! The 3D printing technology is getting better and better in these few years. In fact 3D Printer Figure is nothing new. Some GK circles have been selling 3D Printer Figures in WonFes for quite some time already.

Since the cost of 3D printing is really really really high (not to mention 3D color printing), most of the people are only using it for making prototype, not for final production products. But for some reasons, Arcadia decided to using it for final production products!! As you can see, the price tag is not something anybody can afford. But the good thing is it can be make to order and not to worry about holding inventories.

For those of you who want to get this Maniwa Penguin, you can pre-order it at Arcadia Online Shop HERE before October 30, 2015 with your proxy service.

**Maniwa Kawauso, Maniwa Houou, Maniwa Penguin sold separately**