Taisyoudou ( 大正堂 ) is going to release the Hiryu ( 飛龍 ) 1/7 GK from the popular web game “Kantai Collection” ( 艦隊これくしょん ) developed by Kadokawa Games. Will be released in Wonder Festival 2014 [Summer] on July 27, 2014. Figure is pre-painted and completed + weapons + wooden base + name plate ,50,000 yen (taxed in). Only 5 pieces will be available.

I-8, Soryu, Hiryu (left to right)

The table number of Taisyoudou in Wonder Festival 2014 [Summer] is “5-16-12”, you will find them there. If you want to get any of these pre-painted and completed KanColle GK from them, you better go and line-up really earlier since there will be only a few of them available!