Hanabatake to Bishoujo (supported by Orcatoys) is going to release the Hatakeyama Reiko ( 畠山麗子 ) Pink no Shimapan Ver. (Pinkの縞パンver.)1/6 PVC figure from the artbook “KAN” ( 姦-KAN- ) illustrated by “Urushihara Satoshi” ( うるし原智志 ). Will be released in December 2014. Around 270mm tall, 13,800 yen.

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Supported by Orcatoys, here comes a new figure manufacturer “Hanabatake to Bishoujo” ( 花畑と美少女 )! I’m not sure what is the relationship between this new manufacturer and Orcatoys. Maybe it is their new division? Oh by the way, recently I just found out that Orcatoys is just OFE. Just like Kaitendoh & Lechery, Alphamax & Skytube, and Max Factory & Native.

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