Kaiyodo is going to release the CapsuleQ Fraulein ( カプセルQフロイライン ) Guilty Crown Heroine Collection ( ギルディクラウン ヒロインコレクション ) gashapon from the anime “Guilty Crown” ( ギルティクラウン ). Will be released on July 2012. Around 75mm tall, 400 yen each.

Lagrange, Guilty Crown, Bakemonogatari (left to right)

Wow, Kaiyodo got back into the gashapon business!! Back in the days (like 4-5 years ago), most people started with gashapon and trading figure before they started to collect PVC figure. Back then the quality of gashapon was great! But since Yujin was bought by Takata Tomy and Bandai basically dominated the gashapon business, everything went downhill. I’m so glad that Kaiyodo is back. =D