AZONE is going to release the K-ON! Outfit Series ( けいおん!アウトフィットシリーズ ) for the PureNeemo Character Series 1/6 doll from the manga/anime “K-ON!” ( けいおん! ). Will be released on July 25, 2010 at Wonder Festival 2010 [Summer]. Wonder Festival 2010 [Summer] and exclusive. Dolls are not included.

Wonder Festival 2010 [Summer] is coming in a few weeks and the exclusive items have been announced by the manufacturers one by one. Here are the items from AZONE. All of them are K-ON! released. A limited number of stock will be available at TBSishop, AZONET, and AZONE retailers (1,2,3).

  • No.009 Mio’s School Bag & Bass Case Set, 3,800 yen (taxed in)
    ( 澪のスクールバック&ベースケースセット )

**Bass is not included**

**Akiyama Mio doll is not included**

  • No.010 Mugi’s School Bag & Keyboard Case Set, 3,800 yen (taxed in)
    ( 紬のスクールバック&キーボードケースセット )

**Keyboard is not included**

**Kotobuki Tsumugi doll is not included**

  • No.011 Azusa’s School Bag & Guitar Case Set, 3,800 yen (taxed in)
    ( 梓のスクールバック&ギターケースセット )

**Guitar is not included**

**Nakano Azusa doll is not included**