World Cup is killing me. I live in the west coast of Canada so the time zone difference sux. Have to get up at 4:30am to watch the first match isn’t fun. XD


  • As of this moment, is ranked 127,656 (was 135,374 in May 2010). We’re going strong! Hopefully we will going back to under 100,000 in few months.
  • Right now, we have 5,788 registered user (5,540 in May 2010), 1,017 feed subscribers (1,106 in May 2010), and 609 email subscribers (589 in May 2010). We’re doing pretty good this month. =D


  • Welcome our new sponsor Hobby Search (aka 1999)! You guys probably know about this store already. It is one of the stores that I always buy figure from. Now they are having a 50% off shipping promo! Anything you order or per-order from June 16 to July 11, you will get 50% off your shipping if you use PayPal. I think it is a really great deal. On top of their usual 15% off market price (if you use PayPal), you will save A LOT! I cancaled a lot of orders and re-order again from them already, keekee. XD

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  • Our another sponsor HobbyLink Japan is having two great special for us figure collectors now. The first one is the “Summer Sale! Part II” and the other one is “Prize-apalooza!“. For those who love prize figures, the “Prize-apalooza!” isn’t something you can miss! I just ordered bunch of cheap prize stuff already. =D

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  • See I changed our Neko Magic banner? Toeto is cute isn’t she? XD
  • Our fellow Stefanie Brignac is drawing me a mascot for Neko Magic!!!! The pic below are the draft. I’m soooo looking forward to the final drawing! =D

Ok, as usual, here are the stuff that I bought since last month!

This is Mikuru plush from “Haruhi-chan”. She is sooooooooo cute! She is only US$21.70 in Play-Asia now. What a steal!

Nendoroid Petit Bakemonogatari Set 1, they’re nice and cheap. =]

figma Tainaka Ritsu! If you missed the first shipment, you will need to wait for the second shipment in July. But Hobby Search still have some in stock now for only 3,077 yen!

figma Isayama Yomi. I’m so regert that I didn’t order Tsuchimiya Kagura. Now she is not where to be found. =(

Toeto is soooooooo cute!!! You will see her in the top banner for awhile. XD

S.H.Figuarts Cure Peach. I’m waiting for getting the other 3 cures before I open her up. =P

AV-98 Ingram1 plastic model by Kotobukiya here. Haha, something really random. This is not mine, it’s for my friend. The quality is pretty good and some parts are pre-painted. So I guess you will see same good quality in those HoiHoi-san plastic models too.

Sci-Fi Revoltech Jack Skellingtion! Like I said befpre. I bought 3 of him, two for my friends and one for myself. =]

  • K-ON! Tainaka Ritsu Uniform Ver. figma 060 action figure by Max Factory

Let’s have some fun with my new toys!

The drum set is really really nice.

I’m not a big fan or Ritsu, so I didn’t take many pic of her. =P

Believe it or not, it’s pain in the butt to put Ritsu in this position. It’s really hard to make her foot step right on the pedals and sit on the stool at the same time. (-__________-.

Was going to make them like the image below. But the figma stands were getting in the way. And I put Mio in the wrong way. (-____-.;

I’ll try it again when I get Azunyan next time. =]

  • Vocaloid 2 Megurine Luka Toeto soft vinyl figure by Good Smile Company


TOETO!!!! I like her A LOT so I spent some time and make the animated GIF below. =D


Toeto and the little Toeto charm.

The base makes her looks like a Nendoroid, but in fact she is pretty big!

~Hang in there, Toeto!!~

  • Bakemonogatari Set #1 Nendoroid Petit trading figure by Good Smile Company

This set is cheap! Only 2,000 yen and you can get the whole set. =D

And they comes with a lot of extra parts compared to the normal Nendoroid Petit trading figure.

Btw, I’m still waiting for the Blu-ray to watch the Tsubasa Cat episodes.

Nekomimi mode!!! =D

Oh Crab!

Ararararrarararagi-kun! Love his ahoge!

Here comes our friend Toro again! See you next month! =D