• As of this moment, is ranked 108,762 (was 105,146 in June). I can’t believe we’re going back since we have more daily unique visits and page preview in June than May. I really wonder why.
  • Right now, we have 2892 registered user (2633 last month), 540 feed subscribers (491 last month), and 293 email subscribers (260 last month). Looks pretty good to me.
  • The BuySell section has been put on hiatus due to personal issues…. ='(

Well anyway, here are what I got in June. I didn’t spend as much as I did in May, but still quite a lot.

Yeah! Super sized Revoltech Toro and Kuro!!!! But since I only like Toro, I gave (sold) Kuro to my friend. =P

Haha, figma Doara. Got him coz he was on sale for like under 700 yen. And this is the figma Mikku Miku Kagami that I forgot to take pic last month.

Another Blood from Max Factory!!! She is my favorest character in Demonbane. I wanted to get her for a long long time and now she is mine finally.

Djibril Zero from Alter. Did I tell you guys that I love loli? XD

2x Louise ! And did I tell you guys that beside loli, I love flat chest too? =P

Karen from Onegai Twins. She is so MOE =]

Knight Gundam Horsey. You will see it in action below.

And this is my mini Danboard. The one you saw last month was my friend’s.

Here is the super sized Revoltech Toro (right)!! He isn’t really that big tho.

Now go to my friend’s room. Here are the super sized Toro + Kuro and figma Doara

Doara can stand on he’s own without stand.

Happy cats

They’re the Summer Festival version. The Holloween version is coming out in Sept and Christmas version is coming out in Dec. And of coz I pre-ordered them all already.

Haha, super sized Toro head on Petite Ayanami body. XD

It’s kinda scary.

Knight Gundam Horsey!!!

This horsey is really fun to play with.

Petite Ayanami Rei got a new body!!

And it’s from the Bandai Keroro Gunso model. XD

Let’s go back to my room.

Louise and Djibril Zero. I love this photo so much. I put this as my wallpaper now. Both this figures are from Alter. I think most people will agree, Alter is the best PVC figure manufacturer. These 2 figures are really nice. The paint job and the sculpture are really over the top. You really can’t beat the quality of Alter.

She is so lovely. There are OVA for Djibril and Djibril 2 in the market already. I wish they will make an OVA for Djibril 3 too. (@@.

This camera angle makes her legs looks so long.

But in fact her legs are pretty short. =P

Lovely little feet

Lovely little behind

Lovely little flat *eyes

And lovely little wings!

This is lovely little Djibril Zero! XD

Now let’s look at our tsundere Louise

Her smile is so sweet, love it so much.

But I don’t really like her eyes, well I mean the real optical eyes. =P

No matter what angle I took the photo, I couldn’t find an angle that she is looking right into the camera.

It was like her eyes were not focusing on anything.

Well, anyway, I still love this Louise figure a lot!! Keekee =D

Aren’t their pose are really similar? =P