Happy Lunar New Year! And it’s the year of Tiger this year, ROAR!

White Tiger?

I think most of you should know that Nekomagic got hacked couple weeks ago right before WF2010[Winter]. That makes our ranking dropped like crazy in that week. Yay, it sux big time. But thanks to WF2010[Winter], we’re coming back overall in this month! Thank you everyone for your support! =D


  • As of this moment, Nekomagic.com is ranked 147,349 (was 158,380 in January 2010). Don’t know when we can get back into the top 100,000. =/
  • Right now, we have 4,744 registered user (4,385 in Jan 2010), 959 feed subscribers (961 in Jan 2010), and 517 email subscribers (466 in Jan 2010). As I suspected last month, the last month feed subscribers “961” should be an error.

Some people asked be why are those registered users and subscribers are so important to us. Well, it’s not about the ranking, it’s about marketing. A website’s marketing value (e.g. ad space, backlink) is higher if it gets a lot registered users and subscribers. Yes, ranking is important, but not as much as the number of the registered user and subscriber. So thank you again for your support! =D

Buy X Sell section:
Since we had failed to make a deal with the wholesaler in Japan, we had to abandon the Nekomagic Store project. But the “Buy X Sell” section for the user is still alive. Currently we’re still planning on how we can make it works. Most likely we will make it like a forum style so that you can open a thread for your stuff that you want to sell and ppl can just reply your thread. It makes my life more simple this way. As for the URL, I guess it will be http://market.nekomagic.com or something along that line.

GK site:
For those who have me in your facebook, you know that I keep posting new photos of GK from different individual and figure circle. The GK site will look like that too coz I don’t want to spend too much time on it like I do in Nekomagic.com. And for the URL, most likely I’ll just give it http://gk.nekomagic.com. Or if you have a better idea, just leave me a message. =]

Anyway, let’s look at the stuff that I got last month!

Here are what I get in January. And I forgot to put the Kudo when I took this pic.

Alter Nooumi Kudryavka!!! Don’t have time to open her up yet. I love Kudo so much. =D

My friend said these Revoltech tools are very hard to find. Then I saw my wholesaler was selling them so we bought 10. XD

Currently we’re selling them for US$6 each + handling & shipping. Let me know if anyone want it. We will put these on ebay later.=P

QB Nendoroid Plus! I guess I lot of people missed this set. I don’t see any promo about them at all except in the figure event last year.

SEGA Vocaloid prize figures. I love them all. =]

“Cat Girls in Schrodinger`s House”. Since I like cat girls A LOT, I fell for her when I first saw her in an event some years ago. And finally Vance made her into PVC figure this year.

The package design is reall really nice.

The figure is kind sux tho.

For those who want to play with them from time to time, I’m not recommend them to you at all.

It’s a big pain in the @ss to transform it.

It keeps falling apart on those non-revoltech joints.

Even for those who will not play with them at often, unless you can get them for cheap like 1,000 yen otherwise don’t buy them!

I got them like around 1,500 yen each, and I still think it’s not worth it.

Honestly they look pretty nice. They make a very good display set, but just not good for toys.

This SEGA Vocaloid set is super cute!!! I love them all! XD

Po Pi Po~

I love this song the most. If you like this song, you may want to listen to another song “Servant Of The Evil“. It’s sooo touching. (@@.

Daugther of the Evil

Megurihime Buyoukyoku

Sakura no Ame

Here is my petit figure collection on top of one of my bookcases. I don’t have many.

Alleyne is cute! XD

Too bad she only comes with 2 facial expression.

The pantsu is broken already when I open the box, it sux big time. =/

here comes a new challenge, Hachune Miku!

“Perfect Knockdown”

“I’ll make you Miku Miku-ed”

Last but not least, here is Toro! We’re not Nekomagic at all if without Toro, keekee.