Happy New Year!!!

How’s your holiday guys/gals? Mine is kinda sux. The weather sux big time in west coast Canada. I stucked at home for almost 2 weeks since Dec15 coz of the snow storm. Yes, I stucked at home during Christmas time. (><.

Anyway, here is the monthly update, the first monthly update for 2009, yahoo! =D

Site Update:

  • Still working on the Buy X Sell section. We’re planning to launch it by the end of January or in mid Fed
  • Working on the new interface of Nekomagic! Well, not much change actually, still base on the same graphic and layout. Should be up in 2 weeks.


  • As of this moment, Nekomagic.com is ranked 127,185.(was 144,864 last month). Aiming for get into 100,000 after the Buy X Sell section launched.
  • Right now, we have 1259 registered user (980 last month), 212 feed subscribers (182 last month), and 121 email subscribers (89 last month). We’re growing really good this month. =D


Okay, here are the stuff that I got in December. I really didn’t get much stuff in December due to two big reasons:

  1. I spent a big chunk of money on my new DSLR
  2. I still haven’t got my bunny Haruchi, Cure Dream, 2x Hatsune Miku figures that I ordered in December due to the busy mailing Chirstmas season . =/

Here are the only 2 things that I got in December. The Canon Rebel XS and the Revoltech Ryu.

I will buy the Ken that just released in Dec for sure.

I love this DSLR a lot! Since I’m not a pro at all, this basic DSLR is good enough for me.

Here are my camera in the past 10 years. As you can see, I love Canon.

My first camera, Canon EOS 3000 SLR that I bought around 10 years ago. It’s a film camera, not digital! I used it until around 2003.

My second camera, Fujifilm S7000. Bought it in around 2004 and used it until now. It was sooo expensive back then, around something like $799. But I found a good deal for around $500 only in a online store.

My new Canon Rebel XS! It’s called EOS 1000D in other place of the world. This is the newest model. I really love Canon, even this is the newest model, but I can still use the old lens that I bougth 10 years ago! And the auto focus still works! =D

Here are some pic that I took with my new DSLR with the old 75-300mm lens.

Did I tell you guys that beside anime, manga, and figures, I also like astronomy a lot?

Here is the moon tonight!

Too bad the weather wasn’t good in the past week. Otherwise this pic would looks a lot better if it’s a 1-2 days new moon.

Well, this is Nekomagic, of coz I need to show you guys some figure. =P

Since I didn’t really get any figure in Dec, so I decided to open this Kokonoe Rin figure that I bought it like almost a year ago.

Nice kuma pantsu (Bear panty)

Her T-shirt can is castoffable too. But have to cut open the glue.

I didn’t want to screw it so I gave up.