Amie Grand is going to release the Kakouen Myousai (夏侯淵 妙才) Festival Ver. ( お祭りver. )1/6 polystone GK from the manga/anime “Ikkitousen” ( 一騎当千 ). Will be released in January ~ February 2011. Around 245mm tall, 14,800 yen. Kit will be prepainted & completed.

Wow, this Festival Ver. series is getting bigger and bigger! This Kakouen Myousai is the 8th Festival Ver. figure already. We don’t have many Kakouen Myousai figure in the market. So for the Kakouen Myousai fan, maybe you can think about this one even she is quite expensive.

Oh btw, the final product of this GK will be prepainted and completed just like the others in the series. =D