Taki corporation is going to release the Chouun Shiryuu ( 趙雲子龍 ) polystone bust statue from the manga/anime “Ikkitousen” ( 一騎当千, Dragon Destiny). Will be released in June 2009, around 260mm tall, 19,800 yen.

Wow that’s really unexpected, something nice and big are coming from Taki! And the price is pretty scary too. There is no scale of this bust statue from the manufacturer. I guess she is around 1/3 and that’s really big for me. I’m kinda worry about the quality of this Chouun. Taki never make anything like this big before and their figures are always really ugly. Most people that I know will aviod the figures from Taki. I wonder if she’s gonna sell well.

I note that a lot of Chouun figures are coming out recently, even more than Kanu. Did Chouun kill Kanu in story of Ikkitousen or what? =P

Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny OP

Official Ikkitousen anime homepage

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