Skytube (Alphamax) is going to release the Ryofu Housen ( 呂布奉先 ) Perfect body Ver. 1/8 cold cast GK from the manga/anime “Ikkitousen” ( 一騎当千, Dragon Destiny ). Will be released in January 2010. Around 220mm tall, 12,800 yen. Kit is prepainted & completed.

More lovely GK from Alphamax, this time we have Chouun Shiryuu and Ryofu Housen! This Ryofu Housen is super moe and the Chouun Shiryuu is really cool . =D The quality of the figures by Alphamax is really great. I believe they are one of the top quality prepainted & completed GK manufactures right now. I really want to own one of them but they’re way too $$$ for me. X(

Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny OP

Official Ikkitousen anime homepage

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