AZONE is going to release the Hybrid Active Figure No.019 Senhime ( 千姫 ) 1/3 doll from the light novel/anime “Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls” ( 百花繚乱 ), a join project by Nitro+ and Hobby Japan. Will be released in January 2012. Around 500mm tall, 60,000 yen.

This Senhime doll is so beautiful and I like it a lot!! (Oo. But she is just way too expensive for me. I’m kinda surprised that AZONE makign Senhime first instead of Yagyu Jubei. Well, maybe Jubei will be next? =D

——Description from Manufacturer——

Here comes 1/3 scaled Senhime (Princess Sen) doll!
Finely made doll which body has new outer skin material used!
The body line is different from the existing dolls and you’ll enjoy Senhime for sure!

Head part: Newly sculpted soft vinyl head (by ZAN (Nekoban) (wig type)
Body: New outer skin used soft vinyl parts used Obitsu 50cm body (by Naotake Kizan, Hyper space)
Naginate: by ZAN (Nekoban)

  • Hybrid Active Figure
  • Size: Appx. 50cm Tall (1/3 Scale)
  • Main doll
  • Clothing: Kimono set
  • Clothing: Boots
  • Naginata

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls OP