I took this from the official Max Factory figma blog. You know the figma 057 Hirasawa Yui ( 平沢 唯 ) Uniform Ver. ( 制服ver. ) comes with an empty face and a set of facial expression decal right? This shows you how to apply decal on the empty face.

We don’t have many figure news today. So to keep Nekomagic alive, we have Yui here today to show us how to change her interesting faces. =D

Here is Yui! Let’s see how to apply the decal for her step-by-step

Here is the decal that comes with the figma Yui. It’s at the back of the package under the background cardborad.

These are the stuff that we need

  • Decal
  • Yui’s empty face
  • Knife or Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Small container with water
  • Tissue paper
  • Step 1: Soak the decal in the water

First, cut out the decal that you want and then soak it in the small container with little water for around 5 second.

*The glue of the decal will melt if you soak it for too long

  • Step 2: Apply decal to the face

Put the decal (with the backing paper) on top of the face. Hold the face and decal with your fingers and slide the backing paper away.

  • Step 3: Adjust decal position with Tweezer

Adjust the position of the decal with tweezers.

*Do it carefully, you might tear the decal.
*It’s easier to adjust the position if there are enough water between the decal and face

  • Step 4: Hold the decal in place with Tissue paper

Slightly press the decal to the face with tissue paper.

*Be very careful when you do this, you might break the decal
*Cotton swab works too

  • DONE!!!

You’re done after the water dry! There is some wrinkles on her cheek tho.

When you want to change to another expression, you just need to use tape to tape it over the decal and you can peel it away easily.

You can stop here if you think the previous process is good enough. But if you want to make it looks better, here is the more advance steps.

  • Advance Step 1: Cut out the transparent part

Just do the normal Step 1 – 4. When the decal is still wet, use knife or scissors to cut out the transparent part. There is still some wrinkles on the face tho.

  • Advance Step 2: Hot Water Trick

Now get yourself some hot water. No, don’t drink it! It’s for Yui!!

Soak a tissue paper with some hot water and press it on top of the decal.

Now it’s Magic! The wrinkles are gone!

  • Advance Step 4: Clear Coat

Make sure there is no more wrinkles under the decal. After it drys, You can spray paint the face with a few layers of clear coat. The clear coat will level out the thickness and the glossiness of the decal, so you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s “just a decal on then face”.

*It’s better to use matte/flat clear paint instead of glossy clear paint.
*You will not be able to peel the decal off with only tape. You need to use paint thinner to take it off.

  • Done!

After the advance steps, the quality looks so different form the normal steps! The decal looks really like it’s “printed on the face” instead of “decal on face”! =D

Yui “Urrrrrrrrrrrraa!”