Orchidseed is going to release the Hustler ( ハスラー ) Event Limited Color ( イベント限定カラー ) from the Happoubi Jin Illustration Collection -Sweet Body- ( 八宝備仁画集 SWEET BODY ). Will be released in Wonder Festival 2009 [summer] on July 26th, 2009. Around 240mm tall (included the base), 8,700 yen. Castoffable. WF2009[summer] exclusive. Only 300 pieces will be manufactured.

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This is an alternate color version of the original Hustler figure (You can read more about this Hustler figure here). Usually I don’t like alternate color version, but I think this black & pink one looks so much better than the original brown & white one. The original version was released now long ago and the feed back was really good. It seems the quality of Orchidseed is getting better and better.

Today we have four figures from Orchidseed for WF2009[summer]. Two of them are PVC figures and the other two are resin GK. They’re all event exclusive. For those who want to get these figures but can’t go to the event, you don’t need to worry. The two PVC figures are just alternate color version of the previous releasaed of Infinity Pin-up Lady & Hustler and I’m 100% sure they will make the PVC figure version of those two GK. You aren’t really missing anything. =P

Download the uncensored pic here

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