Bandai is going to release the Figure-riseLABO Hoshino Fumina ( ホシノ・フミナ ) non-scale Plastic Model Kit from the anime “Gundam Build Fighters” series ( ガンダムビルドファイターズ ). Will be released in June 2018, 5,500 yen.

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What breakthrough for plastic model kit! Using Bandai’s new plastic model forming technology, the skin tone of this Hoshino Fumina plastic model kit looks awesome!!

Laying different colors plastic with different thickness together, the skin tone of this Hoshino Fumina looks so good without paint. What a breakthrough for plastic model from Bandai! I wanted to get one but I was too late. This Figure-riseLABO Hoshino Fumina is sold out everywhere in a few hours. =(

**Hatsune Miku is next!!**

But that’s ok! I’ll wait for the next one because they’re making Hatsune Miku next!!! =D