Limited 100 each, Saber from “Fate Stay Night” and Al Azif from “Demonbane”, are going to release TODAY by Griffon Enterprises as Garage Kit. Around 150mm tall, 5,040Yen each.

I used to buy a lot of GK(Garage Kit) around 10-15 years ago coz the quality of PVC figures were really really bad back then. I even fully built my own GK. Well, I was young and got lots of time to waste after school everyday, lol. Nowaday, the quality of PVC figure and even gashapon are really nice, save me lots of time to build and paint my own figures.

Fate Stay Night and Demonbane are both my favour series. Watched both anime serises and played the Fate Stay Night game too (althought I only finish the “Fate” line. I will need to try finish the “Unlimited Blade Work” line and “Heaven Feel” line when I have time). Really want to try the Demonbane games, but couldn’t find the them, too bad.