Groove is going to release the Pullip Victorique de Blois ( ヴィクトリカ・ド・ブロワ ) doll from the light novel/manga/anime “Gosick” (GOSICK -ゴシック- ). Will be released in March 2012. Around 310mm tall, 15,000 yen.

Victorique de Blois (left), Kujo Kazuya (right)

Here comes Victorique de Blois and Kujo Kazuya dolls from Groove! You know what? I saw so many stores selling Groove dolls here in Hong Kong! Seems like they’re very popular here. But I only see one store selling Dollfie Dream so far.

I just notice that we don’t have any Gosick PVC figure at all! But both Volks and Groove have dolls for it. Well, it’s ture that Victorique really looks good in doll form. =D