This is the newest Good Smile Company new TV commercial “New Petit Sweets Cake chapter”. The TV commercial of GSC last month was pretty disappointing. They just reused the same thing form the CM in Feburary and called it a day. The CM this month is a lot better, and the main characters are the Vocaloids – Hatsune Miku and her friends!

For those who are curious, the song in the CM is “White Letter” (you can watch it here)

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[September 2009] New Petit Sweets Cake chapter

This CM is make by “Articolor”.

They need to fine tune the color and angle in computer to match the official image.

Yowane Haku ( 弱音ハク ) is “riding” the plate!

The cake that used in the CM.

The current CM is the “Cake Chapter” only. There will be 5 chapters in total.

They used small daily items such as food and cups for the CM.

This is “Coffee Cup”. I guess there will be a “Coffe Cup Chapter”

And here is tomato. Tomato chapter next?

Color pencils!

A heart-shaped “cushion”! It’s really small!

The CM is really cute and charming! Really looking forward to see all the CMs.

After the CM shooting was do, everybody enjoyed their cake.

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