Wafudoh Ganguten is going to release the “Let’s Go TG type Pleinair! Pleinair-San (With Car)” ( TG式プレネールで行こう! プレネールさん(と車) ) non-scale PVC figure from the illustration of Haradaya. Will be released in October 2008. Around 140mm tall, 130mm length, 9,980 yen.

My lovely Pleinair! I like her so much! She is the mascot of Haradaya. Don’t know Haradaya? He’s the character designer of Disgaea, Phantom Brave, and Makai Kingdom. I like his illustration so much. But too bad all the figures of Pleinair in the market are really expensive.

Btw, there is no manga or anime or anything for Pleinair. She is just a mascot of Haradaya homepage and appears in some games as a random character from time to time. I really want to know the story behind Pleinair and the Rabbit-san. Seems like they’re good friend and always hanging out together. But somehow they always have a fight and Pleinair always try to eat the rabbit. XD

You can see more Pleinair illustration in Haradaya homepage. =]

She’s eating Rabbit-san!!!

Sometime they will have a little fight

The illustration which this figure is based on

Download original size pic here

Official Haradaya homepage

source from Wafudoh Ganguten