Beagle is going to release the Gelatin Cover Collection Naruko Hanaharu (ゼラチンカバーコレクション 鳴子ハナハル) 1/8 PVC figure from the original illustration by “Naruko Hanaharu” ( 鳴子ハナハル ). Will be released in August 2010 , 8,500 yen. Castoffable. This figure has been canceled.

July 02, 2010: Added more images
August 22, 2010: Canceled.

You can order her here

Yeah the cover girl is finally here! Usually a manufacturer would announce both standard and limited edition together or announce the standard editioin first and then the limited edition. I really don’t know why Beagle would announced the other “Miyazawa Limited edition” before this standard edition. (-___-.?

Standard edition (Left), Miyazawa Limited edition (Right)