Art of War is going to release the Kurono Kei ( 玄野計 ) 1/5 Polystone figure from the manga/anime “Gantz” ( ガンツ ). Will be released in June 2013. Around 695mm x 235mm x 235mm, 3kg, 50,000 yen. Only 100 pieces available. Each figure attached a nameplate with serial numbers 1~100.

I got this press release in my in box few days ago about this Kurono Kei figure by Art of War. I really know nothing about this manufacturer. It seems like they’ve been in the industry for more than 15 years. You can check out their homepage for more information.

I didn’t see this Kurono Kei figure in any figure store. Since there is only 100 pieces available, maybe he is Art of War exclusive? For more information, you can check out the Art of War homepage for more information.

——Description from Manufacturer——

The idea for this GANTZ Kurono Kei-1/5 scale statue comes from GANTZ Episode 326, when Kurono Kei, the main protagonist in the GANTZ series, is trying hard to save other people. He faces the giant soldier and cuts off part of its head with his long sword.

In response to our customers’ requests, we have made this item in a 1/5 scale size. The total height of the statue is approximately 70 cm, and the length of the disassemble sword is approximately 26 cm.

This time, we invited the original manga author, Mr. Oku Hiroya to supervise the reproduction of the facial expressions Kurono for us. Under his supervision, we can proudly say that this figure is as close as it gets to the real thing!

When the power of the bodysuit is maximized, the bulged veins under it pulsate strongly as shown perfectly on the statue. The blood on the stained sword is also carefully reproduced, and the color of the bodysuit is a perfect combination with black and dark blue tones. Also we endeavored to paint the waving hair and the emotion in the eyes as close to the original manga as possible. You will be touched when you look into Kurono’s eyes.

A special mottled finish stand plate is attached to this statue, showing the power of the bodysuit and raising the tension of the battle. This figure achieves both realism and dynamism with careful modeling and use of color thus enhancing the charisma of the hero, Kurono.