Bandai is going to release the FW Macross Frontier NyanNyan Heroine ( FW マクロスF 娘娘ヒロインズ ) trading figure from the anime “Macross Frontier” ( マクロスF <フロンティア> ). Will be released in October 2010. 800 yen each (6,400 yen for a BOX of 8 pieces). 4 kinds + 2 secrets in total.

You can order her here

Another trading figure set from Bandai today, here comes “FW Macross Frontier NyanNyan Heroine”. Don’t ask me what “FW” stands for, I really have no idea! X(

Recently I got the live concert “Macross Frontier Galaxy Tour Final in Budokan” DVD. It’s still watching it and it is good!!! Yes, I’m watching it while making this post. XD

——Description from Manufacturer——

Total 4 variations + 2 secrets in this collection.

Inserted to the box in certain proportions set by the manufacturer.


  • Sheryl A type
  • Sheryl B type
  • Ranka
  • Klan Klang
  • Secret A
  • Secret B
  • Sheryl Nome ( シェリル・ノーム ) A type

  • Sheryl Nome ( シェリル・ノーム ) B type

  • Ranka Lee ( ランカ・リー )

  • Klan Klang ( クラン・クラン )

Macross Frontier – Triangular (live) – Sheryl Nome & Ranka Lee ver.