Megahouse is going to re-release the World Uniform Operation ( 世界制服作戦 ) Yukishiro Honoka ( 雪城ほのか ) 1/10 PVC figure from the first “Precure” anime series “Futari wa Precure” ( ふたりはプリキュア ). Will be re-released in June 2015. Around 155mm tall, 5,000 yen.

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**Misumi Nagisa and Yukishiro Honoka sold separately**

——Description from Manufacturer——

One of the second figures in the “World Uniform Operation” series is the other protagonist of “Pretty Cure”, Honoka Yukishiro, making her appearance in her Verone Girls Academy High School’s uniform. Though she gives off an easygoing impression, she also stands at the top of her class and is known as the “Queen of Knowledge”, and has been recreated here in detail. She has been given the look of a talented woman, while also having a bright smiling face you would expect to see when she’s together with Nagisa. This product was absolutely made to be set up alongside Nagisa.

Futari wa Precure OP