Megahouse is going to release the Desktop Army ( デスクトップアーミー ) KT-322f Innocentia Series ( KT-322f イノセンティア シリーズ ) trading figure from the Kotobukiya original series “Frame Arms Girl” ( フレームアームズ・ガール ). Will be released in late March 2017. Around 80mm tall, 1,780 yen each; 7,120 yen for a BOX of 4 pieces. Total 4 kinds.

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Here are the other figures that I mentioned last night. =]

——Description from Manufacturer——

The second set of figures in the joint project between the Desktop Army series and the popular FRAME ARMS GIRL series! Once again the set features an 80mm bodies with different head parts and other optional parts that are all based on special illustrations by Fumikane Shimada.

Customizing the body in your own way and creating your own little Desktop Army is quick and easy! This time the chest part also comes in small and large versions allowing for even more posing options! If you collect all of the different weapons in the set you can join them all together to form the ultimate "Assault Landing Equipment" for one character!

The series is also completely compatible with all the previous figures in the Desktop Army series, allowing for some interesting combinations! Create your very own army to brighten up your desktop with some extra cuteness!

Additional Information

1x Body + 1x Weapon Part. Four different options to collect. Body Approx. 80mm in Height.


**B-819s Chrom Series Bike is not included**

**Parts from Y-021d Millennia Series is not included**