Moeyo (manufactured by RC Berg) is going to release the Dicekit ( ダイすきット ) Ripe-tan ( リペたん ) Dark Blue Ver. ( 紺色ver. ) non-scale color resin GK from the web comic “Figure no Fiitan” ( フィギュアのフィーたん ). Will be released in July 2010. Around 130mm tall, 8,900 yen (taxed in). Castoffable. Kit is not pre-painted nor assembled. Amiami exclusive.

I was going to write a lot about this Ripe-tan but the magazine scans are just out. I’ll spend my time on the scan rather than in this post. =P For those who want to know more about “Figure no Fiitan”, you can check out the old Fitt-tan post.

Most parts are already colored (in 5 colors)

The set includes:

  • Ripe-tan main body (consists of 26 parts + decal) castoffable
  • Weapon big/small (4 parts)
  • Deformed Ripe-tan x 1 (7 parts) / Moe-ken x 3 (3 parts each)
  • Board (for game) / game cards / dice x 2