Another monthly update! It’s still cold in my region, snow still keep falling but not as crazy as in December. It’s gonna snow again tomorrow and next week. That sux.

Site Update:

  • The work on the Buy X Sell section is going pretty well. But we changed the schedule. We will launch it by the end of Febraury – mid March.
  • Still working on the new interface of Neko Magic! It’s harder than I thought.
  • We might have a new Gundam section, should be started to work on it after the Buy X Sell section launch.
  • Thinking about to add a banner/RSS feed exchange page, stay tune!


  • As of this moment, is ranked 124,707 (was 127,185 last month). As I expected, the ranking will not change much for a while. But still aiming for get into 100,000 after the Buy X Sell section launched.
  • Right now, we have 1495 registered user (1259 last month), 276 feed subscribers (212 last month), and 148 email subscribers (121 last month). We’re growing really good for last two months. =D


Here are the toys that I got in January!

Btw, anyone like Gundam here? Since Neko Magic are all about girl figures, I wonder who’s also interested in Gundam.

Lucky Star swings! My brother-in-law couldn’t find it anywhere in Hong Kong for me, but somehow I found it in my local store. They were sooooooo expensive!!! Almost US$30.

Ver.1.5 Arika from My-Otome.

Cure Dream from Yes! Precure5. I got a GoGo version too. You will see it below.

And here are the figures that I supposed to get in December! Due to the busy mailing season in Christmas, they were delayed so I got them in January.

And I couldn’t wait so I opened them all right away. =P

This is the GoGo version Cure Dream. You might not be able to tell the difference right away if you’re not a Precure5 fans.

Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru!!!! My local store is selling them for around US$32 each, that’s so ripoff. I got them for only like 1,400 yen (~US$17) each from Japan.

Hachune Miku is so cute! =D

Umlimited Miku Works!!!

Here is the most expensive figure that I have ever get – Bunny Haruhi by Daiki. But since the price of PVC figure are keep rising, I guess I’ll break this record really soon.