Good Smile Company is going to release the Saber Lily ( セイバー・リリィ ) ~Distant Avalon~ ( ~全て遠き理想郷~ ) 1/7 PVC figure from the Playstation2 game “Fate/Unlimited Codes”. Will be released in June August September 2009. Around 230mm tall, 9,800 yen (tax in).

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I guess a lot of people saw this figure already. She is one of the hottest topic among the figure forum/BBS right now. I like this figure a lot but too bad the price is really scary. I think she can be cheaper, but GSC just set this price so high just to rip us off. The gorgeous 1/8 Saber by Gift (manufactured by GSC) is only 7,800 yen, althought this Saber Lily is 1/7 scale, I really don’t see how she can be 9,800 yen. I guess GSC see that ppl would fork out 9,990 yen just to get the Saber Lily figma, they would do the same thing for this Saber Lily. =/

The gorgeous 1/8 Saber by Gift

——Description from Manufacturer——

The pure white, royal knight.

The popular fighting game “Fate/unlimited codes” has recently been released on PS2, and from that game comes a 1/7th PVC figure of Saber’s alternate form, Saber Lily!

Posed as if preforming her ultimate move “Distant Avalon”, the figure has been sculpted to recreate the scene where Saber raided Caliburn. Her other noble phantasm, the sword “Excalibur” has also been included, and can be equipped and removed.

The sculpting work was done by Takayuki Kawahara, who has given the figure a dynamic feeling to suit the action packed scenes from the original game. Everything from her beautiful flowing dress to her finely detailed hair all come together to bring a wonderful figure that any fan is bound to fall in love with.

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Sengoku Rance Nanjyo Ran 1/8 PVC figure by Kotobukiya

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