Volks Absolute Zone is going to release the Saber Lily ( セイバー・リリィ ) 1/4 Urethane resin cast GK from the Playstation2 game “Fate/Unlimited Codes”. Will be first released in ALL THAT’S HOBBY 15 on February 26-27, 2011. Regular pre-order will be accept in Volks Web site Store in end of March 2011. Around 430mm tall, 48,000 yen. Kit is not painted nor assembled.

Volks finally have their Saber Lily 1/4 scale GK painted. You might not be able to tell how big she is in the images below, but wow, she is big! 430mm is around 17 inches which is just a bit shorter than the width of my 21inches LCD. (Oo.

This Saber Lily will come without paint, but I believe the painted edition will be available later on just like their KOS-MOS Ver.4. For those who want to get this Saber Lily, she will be available at the up coming Volks event “ALL THAT’S HOBBY 15” on February 26-27, 2011 or you can pre-order her at the Volks Web site Store in end of March 2011.