Max Factory is going to release the figma 011 Tosaka Rin ( 遠坂 凛 ) action figure from the eroge/anime “Fate/stay night” published by Type-Moon. Will be released in August 2008. Around 135mm tall, 2,500 yen.

Since Max Factory figma is going head to head with Kaiyodo Fraulein, most of us can see it coming. Yes, it’s figma Tosaka Rin! But 135mm tall is a bit too small (Fraulein Toshaka is 150mm). One thing that I really don’t like about figma is they’re so small. The other thing is their shoulder design.

Just look at Rin, the the heck is that shoulder??? It looks like something is missing or being cut off. Kaiyodo does a way better job on the shoulder in Fraulein. And what happen to the body? It’s so long!! Well, other then that, this figure is really nice. The facial expression is good, the hair looks so real. I’m going to buy her for sure. =]

Original size pic at download section

Fate / stay night game OP

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