Tsume is going to release the HQS Eyeshield 21 – Devil Bats 1/8 Polyresin figure from the manga/anime “Eyeshield 21” ( アイシールド21 ). Will be released in July 2013. Around 250mm tall and 250mm diameter (with base), 6kg, €339 (taxed in). Only 400 pieces will be available.

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——Description from Manufacturer——

Sena Kobayakawa, Ryôkan Kurita & Yôichi Hiruma statues, standing on a football field base. High quality Packaging with serial number, limited serial metal plate.


The characters
Meet Yôichi Hiruma – the sadistic and charismatic leader of the team, Ryôkan Kurita – the gigantic lineman (defensive tackle/ center) and Sena Kobayakawa, Deimon’s running-back whose nickname entitled the manga: Eyeshield 21!

Each one of the three characters is pictured in a pose which translates his position and its temper: Hiruma, a grin on the face, seems to be giving his instructions to his mates, while Kurita uses his stature to protect Sena who is obviously running like a bat out of hell!

This new statue shows the new and spectacular progression of our HQS by Tsume range.

Technical details:
Hiruma is standing in the background, holding the ball at arm’s length. He seems to be giving his instructions while his predatory smile suggests how far he entrusts his teammates with victory.

Kurita, both feet firmly planted on the floor, arms extended horizontally with the palms facing forward in order to stop any threat that would goes for Sena… his face displays the strength of his determination to do his job no matter what.

Sena is represented running. Going forward, he seems about to jump out of this statue. His fierce look aiming the spectator emphasizes the energy of this piece, especially as the uniforms are meticulously reproduced. You can tell the different textures of fabrics by its look. Icing on the cake, this piece comes with two different heads for Sena’s statue so you can choose whether you want to show him with his helmet or not!

The three characters are standing on a part of the Christmas Bowl field. Two things only trouble the green grass: a white marking on the front of the base and the dust cloud raised by the fast course of Eyeshield in its dash to victory!

Technical details:
The grass of the field is accurately reproduced with a great texture effect and a simple yet stunning paint job. The dust cloud crosses the base from back to front, highlighting the impressive speed Devil Bats running back is capable of.


Technical details:
The black base displays typical of our HQS by Tsume statues is exalted with our usual nameplate that displays the team name. Indeed, this time the name is embossed and gets a stunning glossy paint job, the exact same one you will find on the 3D bat from the Deimon Devil Bats emblem !