Q-six is going to release the Minaduki Rara ( 水無月らら ) Amiami Limited Ver. ( あみあみ限定版 ) 1/6 PVC figure from the original character of “Comomo Momoi” ( 桃飴こもも ). Will be released in January 2017. Around 205mm tall, 13,824 yen (taxed in). Castoffable. Amiami exclusive.

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

Standard Ver., Black Gal Ver., Amiami Limited Ver. (left to right)

Long time no see guys! I’m in Mcdonalds using their internet making these update right now. Their internet is super slow and I need to use proxy to access some of the websites (those 18+ ones) because they are blocked by the Mcdonalds server. X( It is so painful to work with their snail speed interest. I think I’ll need to find another place next time. =/

Well anyway, here we have three Minaduki Rara figures from Q-six. I like cat girls a lot and these Minaduki Rara figures are sure cute! She comes with three versions, the Standard Ver., Black Gal Ver., and Amiami Limited Ver.. You can find the Standard Ver. and Black Gal Ver. at most of your favorite stores. And for those of you who want to get the Amiami Limited Ver., you can pre-order her at AmiAmi HERE.

The following cast-off images are from the Standard Ver.