Smart Doll is going to release the Gourai ( 轟雷 ) 60cm doll from the Kotobukiya series “Frame Arms Girl” ( フレームアームズ・ガール ). Will be released on September 30, 2017. Around 60cm tall, 69,000 yen. Smart Doll exclusive.

For those of you who want to get this Gourai 60cm doll, you can pre-order her at Smart Doll HERE.

——Description from Manufacturer——

Gourai is one of the main cast from the hit anime series Frame Arms Girl and now for the first time ever as a 60cm tall fashion doll.

Gourai Smart Doll comes with new soft vinyl armor body parts, skirt, socks, shoes, stripped underwear, hand sleeves and telescopic stand. All cloth items have been tested for staining so you need not worry. Armor parts on the body mold cannot be removed but you can replace the bust of you want.

Quantities are limited and once the limit has been met then the pre-order period will end even before the closing date – if you want her then order as soon as you can.

Shipping is scheduled to start on 2017 September 30th and may take up until December depending on how fast you was able to checkout. However depending on the production line we may be able to start shipping before September 30th.

Because this is a licensed product, we cant process any refunds unless the product is faulty – please take note when ordering. if this is not cool then refrain from purchasing or wait for reviews – but then again it may be too late.
Gourai comes with black hand parts – if you want other hand parts then you need to remove the arm sleeves. If you want to change the size of Gourai’s bust then you can choose from the many available but remember that the armor attached to the bust that comes with Gourai cannot be removed.

Gourai’s head can be placed on a Smart Doll Body. The USB Hub is also compatible with Gourai too.

Take note that the wig in these product photos has been set with some styling spray – feel free to style the wig as you see fit – use these photos as a reference.

Do note that anything you order with Gourai will be shipped together with her when she is ready for shipping.