KADOKAWA is going to release the KDcolle Foreigner/Mysterious Heroine XX ( ォーリナー/謎のヒロインXX) 1/7 PVC figure form the “Fate/stay night” series “Fate/Grand Order” ( フェイト/グランドオーダー ). Will be released in May 2021. Around 215mm tall (295mm with weapon), 17,050 yen (taxed in). Dengekiya, KADOKAWA store, ebten, Chara-ani, and EJ Anime Store exclusive.

**Bonus bushful facial expression part only available for select stores**


For those of you who want to get this KDcolle Foreigner/Mysterious Heroine XX figure, you can pre-order it at the followship stores before November 22, 2020 with your proxy service.

——Description from Manufacturer——

It’s summer, so of course I’ll change into a swimsuit!

From the hugely popular smartphone game Fate/Grand Order comes a 1/7 scale figure of Mysterious Heroine XX (Foreigner) in her third ascension!

She’s removed the sacred spear armor Aahvalon and is full of charm in her lovely bathing suit. You can enjoy her gentle smile as she daintily splashes around the shore.

In her right hand, she holds the huge Noble Phantasm, Rhongomyniad LR, which has been painted with a lustrous finish.

The pedestal has splash effects which, combined with her pose leaning forward, give the figure a lively sense of motion.


——What is KDcolle?——

KADOKAWA presents a new figure brand, KDcolle (KADAOKAWA Collection), featuring figures with style only possible for KADOKAWA to create. With a charm unique to experienced publishing company KADOKAWA, we bring you a new series of figures sure to make your heart beat with excitement! Expect more from the KDcolle series coming soon!