quesQ is going to release the Assassin/Shuten-Douji ( アサシン/酒呑童子 ) 1/7 resin cast GK form the “Fate/stay night” series “Fate/Grand Order” ( フェイト/グランドオーダー ). Will be released in Wonder Festival 2018 [Summer] on February 29, 2018. Around 230mm tall, 25,000 yen (taxed in). Kit is NOT prepainted nor completed. Wonder Festival 2018 [Summer] exclusive.

Here we have 7 exclusive figures/GK from quesQ for Wonder Festival 2018 [Summer]!!! For those of you who want to get them, the booth number of quesQ in WonFes is 3-09-01, you will find them there.

The two PVC figures, Selvaria Bles Bunny Spy Ver. Event Limited Royal White and Kirisame Marisa Curiosities of Lotus Asia Ver. Event Limited Extra Color, will be available for pre-order at Amiami for 1 week starting from July 30, 2018.

As for the GK, the PVC figure version of the Assassin/Shuten-Douji will be available some time after the event. As for the rest, they have PVC figures available already.