F:NEX (FuRyu) is going to release the Yamada Elf ( 山田エルフ ) 1/7 PVC figure from the light novel/manga/anime “Eromanga Sensei” ( エロマンガ先生 ). Will be released in January 2018. Around 120mm tall, 10,584 yen (taxed in). F:NEX exclusive

  • You can order this item here:

I’m no 100% sure, but it seems like this Yamada Elf figure is not only exclusive to F:NEX. Maybe it will be available at some other stores. Well, let’s wait and see on this Thursday. =]

But for now, for those of you who want to get this Yamada Elf PVC figure, you can pre-order it at F:NEX HERE from May 24 until August 08, 2018 with your proxy service.