Bandai is going to release the HG Black Star Dragon Balls arc ( 究極のドラゴンボール編 ) gashapon set from the manga/anime series “Dragon Ball GT” ( ドラゴンボールGT ). Will be released in April 2020. Son Goku is around 50mm tall; Pan is around 65mm tall; Trunks is around 80mm tall; Giru is around 32mm tall; Spaceship is around 150mm tall, 6,820 yen (taxed in). Premuim Bandai exclusive.

For those of you who want to get this HG Black Star Dragon Balls arc gashapon set, you can pre-order it at Premium Bandai HERE with your proxy service.

Son Goku ( 孫悟空 )

Pan ( パン )

Trunks ( トランクス )

Giru ( ギル )

Spaceship ( 宇宙船 )

Spaceship ( 宇宙船 )