Valve is going to release the Nendoriod 614 Mirana ( ミラーナ ) action figure form the online game “DOTA 2” published by Valve Corporation. Will be released on September 01, 2016. Around 100mm tall, US$45. Valve Store exclusive.

figma Windranger, figma Anti-Mage, Nendoroid Mirana, Nendoroid Dragon Knight

Sorry guys I didn’t post anything yestarday. I went to the Diner en Blanc Vancouver yestarday and I was super tired after I got home and I didn’t want to do anything. =P

Well, anyway, we here are four DOTA 2 figures today! They’re figma Windranger, figma Anti-Mage, Nendoroid Mirana, and Nendoroid Dragon Knight. All four of them are Valve Store exclusive so for those of you who want to pre-order them, you can visit the following links to the Valve online store.

——Description from Manufacturer——

Two Nendoroids from the popular game DOTA 2!

From Valve’s popular game ‘DOTA 2’ comes a Nendoroid of the Princess of the Moon who rides on her enormous feline familiar – Mirana! Her arms feature more articulation than most standard Nendoroids, allowing her to be posed aiming her beautiful bow at her enemies.

Her feline familiar that she normally rides on in the game is included as an optional part to stand by her side! Her neck is also articulated allowing you to create various different nuances when putting her on display. Enjoy the very first of the DOTA 2 Nendoroids in your collection!