Tsume is going to release the MUB (My Ultimate Bust) Kurosaki Ichigo ( 黒崎一護 ) 1/1 life-size bust statues from the popular manga/anime “Bleach” ( ブリーチ ). Will be released in Q2 2020. Around H800 x D450mm x W750mm, 30kg, €1,399 (taxed in). Only 1,000 pieces will be available. Tsume exclusive.

For those of you who want ot get this MUB Kurosaki Ichigo 1/1 life-size bust statues, you can pre-order it at Tsume online shop HERE.

——Description from Manufacturer——

An outstanding collector !

TSUME launches a new brand of luxury products: My Ultimate Bust by Tsume, a range of life size bust statues of most iconic characters from the pop culture.

First creation adapted from the Japanese animation world, Kurosaki Ichigo MUB by Tsume is an outstanding item, featuring a decade of skills both technical and artistic from the Tsume team.

The ultimate version of Ichigo!

Watch Bleach’ main character in the same outfit he’s wearing while saving Rukia during the Soul Society story arc. He’s holding his Zanpakuto with his right hand and shows a confident look.

9 months of meticulous work, more than 500 hours of sculpting, were needed to create this unique and unmatched interpretation. Now, you can display in your living room a lifelike character, as close to the original art as it is possible. Obviously, the face was the biggest challenge. We wanted Ichigo to be accurate from any angle, and we created a new technique for eye rendering so it would look both lively and accurate to the manga style.

The MUB by Tsume line is Tsume’s latest milestone. It redefines the word “centerpiece”. There is no doubts this Ichigo Bust will be the jewel of Bleach’s most demanding fans’ collection.

  • Name: Kurosaki Ichigo
  • License: Bleach
  • Range: MUB by Tsume
  • Scale: 1/1
  • Total run: 1.000 pieces
  • Suggested Retail Price: 1.399€Tax Inc.
  • Artistic direction: Cyril Farudja, Cyril Marchiol, SaesaKiyokawa
  • Concept art: GiorgiaLenzi
  • 3D Sculpt: Olivier Sam, Patrick Tran
  • Traditional Sculpt: Aurélie Nagot, Maxime Roudaut, Christophe Sperto
  • Technical Engineering: Jose Ku ChioLu
  • Préparation: Tom Fargnier, Guillaume Hemery, Eric Jolivalt
  • Painting: Mickael Gros, Guillaume Hemery, Eric Jolivalt, Aude Pastor
  • Materials: Polyresin, PU, PVC, ABS, magnets, Fibreglass
  • Size: H : 80 cm / D : 45 cm / W : 75 cm