Megahouse is going to release the Desktop Army ( デスクトップアーミー ) B-819s Chrom Series ( H-819s クロム シリーズ ) trading figure form “Desktop Army” ( デスクトップアーミー ). Will be released in late January 2017. Around 80mm tall, 1,480 yen each; 8,880 yen for a BOX of 6 pieces. Total 6 pieces.

  • You can order her here:

We have lots of new figures from Megahouse today! And they just starts a new “Naruto Gals” series. That means beside the Hyuga Hinata, they will make the other girls from Naruto too! =D

  • 01. Chrom Husky (snipe model)

  • 02. Chrom Dobell (close combat model)

  • 03. Chrom Basset (reconnaissance model)

  • 04. Chrom Boxer (combat model)

  • 05. Chrom Bernard (gun model)

  • 06. Chrom Grey (assault model)