ASCII Media Works is going to release the Dengeki Otona no Moeoh Cover Girl Ryoka Ver. ( 電撃おとなの萌王 カバーガール -涼香VER.- ) 1/7 GK from the back cover of “Otona no Moeoh” ( おとなの萌王 ) illustrated by Ryoka ( 涼香 ). Will be released in September 2012. Around 110mm tall, 14,000 yen (taxed in) shipped. Castoffable. Dengeki Hobby Magazine July 2012 and Figure Maniacs Otomegumi Vol. 47 mail-in exclusive. Kit is NOT pre-painted nor completed.

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

**Otona no Moeoh artbook**

I love the sculptor Ryujin a lot. He was the best sculptor like 15-20 years go. The illustration below is what this GK based on and I think Ryujin did a really good job here. You have to download the uncensored images to see what I meant!! XD

For those who want to get this GK, you need to get the Dengeki Hobby Magazine July 2012 (released on May 25, 2012) and Figure Maniacs Otomegumi Vol. 47 (release date unknown) and fill in the order form in the magazine and mail it to Dengeki to order it.

By the way, I think the Figure Maniacs Otomegumi Vol. “47” might be a miss print. Figure Maniacs Otomegumi is a bimonthly mangazine and the last volume was Vol. 45 and it was released in December 2011. But since then the Vol. 46 never came out. I would be really surprised to see they just skip Vol. 46 and release Vol. 47.


Download the uncensored pic here

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