Here is the Delay of the Dead (DoD) this month. Being delayed is bad, but being canceled is worse. Yes, we have someone got canned. Guess who? =(

May 21, 2010: Updated with more news
May 19, 2010: Updated with more news

Update (May 21): Oh, I got another sad news today. Someone from Megahouse got canceled!!!! Guess who this time? =(


Kataoka Yuki 1/8 PVC figure:

May 2010 > June 03, 2010

Hi Alter, nice to see you here again in DoD! People called “Alter” as “lAter” for a reason. It’s not new for Alter postpone their figures. The victim this month is our lovely no-pan loli Kataoka Yuki.


Kawai Ameri 1/8 PVC figure:

May 2010 > June 2010

It’s a good news to me that Orchidseed delayed Kawai Ameri, coz I’m still thinking if I should get her or not. I love Ameri but this figure is way too ero for me to display her at home. Um…, should I get her? =/


Aoi Aki 1/7 PVC figure:

July 2010 > CANCELED!

This is the saddest news for the DOD today. Being delayed is bad, and being canceled is worse. Yes, Alphamax canceled this Aoi Aki figure. Alphamax didn’t really give us a reason. All they said was “because of the manufacturing process reason, Aoi Aki is canceled”. =/

Griffon Enterprises

Kousaka Tamaki Figutto action figure:

March 2010 > June 2010 > July 2010

Hakurei Reimu Figutto action figure:

March 2010 > June 2010 > July 2010

Kirisame Marisa Figutto action figure:

April 2010 > June 2010 > August 2010

Kusugawa Sasara School Swimsuit Maid Ver. Figutto action figure:

April 2010 > June 2010 > September 2010

Kanu Unchou Figutto action figure:

April 2010 > June 2010 > July 2010

Since Griffon announced the new action figure lineup in January, everybody was so looking forward to it. But you may wonder why we still don’t see any of them in the market yet. Well, it is because all of them are being delayed. Griffon said they have difficulty of manufacturing so they have to postpone all of them.

At first Griffon said all of them will be delayed to June and they will be shipped separately throughout the month. But Griffon couldn’t make it and have the delay them further to July, August, and September. =(

Don’t know what you guys pre-ordered. I per-ordered Tama-nee and Sasara and was hoping to get them for my birthday. Griffon sux. =/

Good Smile Company

Black Rock Shooter Black Blade Ver. 1/8 PVC figure:

April 2010 > May 2010 > June 2010 (May 19 Updated)

GSC delayed this Black Rock Shooter Black blade Ver. once again. They changed the release date in the BRS Bb ver. page secretly and didn’t make any official announcement to the public (or I missed the announcement). Since they delayed the BRS DVD for a month, I guess it makes sense for them to postpone this BRS for another month too. Btw, I have a gut feeling that GSC will announce the BRS anime Ver. figure in mid-July, right after this Bb Ver. released in the mid-late June.

Penguin Parade

Soso Karin 1/8 PVC figure:

May 2010 > June 2010 (May 19 Updated)

This Soso Karin is being delayed out of the blue. Just like the BRS Bb ver. above, GSC changed her release date from May to June under the table without making any announcement.

Even though this Soso Karin is manufactured by Penguin Parade, she is distributed under GSC which means all the marketing stuff and release schedule is under GSC’s control. So I don’t know who’s holding the responsibility for postpone this figure this time.


Red Sun 1/8 PVC figure:

July 2010 > Canceled (May 21 Updated)

This is actually an old news (April 28) but I just saw it today. Poor Red Sun, he was announced on February this year and said to be released in July 2010 IF he got 1,500 orders. He is only 4,000 yen (taxed) so 1,500 orders should be easy enough to be made. But you never know, he couldn’t make it in 2 months so Megahouse decided to cancel him. It sux. =(

So do you thing Max Factory is still going to make a figma for him?