Good Smile Company is going to release the Death Note – Case File #01 ( デスノート Case File #01 ) Nendoroid Petite trading figure from the manga/anime “Death Note” ( デスノート ). Will be released in October 2009. Around 65mm tall, 476 yen each. 10 kinds + 1 secert in total.

The Death Note manga was one of my favour manga couple years ago. But after L dead, I kinda lost interest on it, and I really don’t like the final scene. Well anyway, here is the Death Note Nendoroid Petite! And this is just “Case File #01”, that means the “Case File #02” is coming out soon too. I wonder who will be in the #02. I think Near and Mello will be in there for sure, maybe Yagami Raito’s father too? =D

——Description from Manufacturer——

The battle of the logic in super-cute miniature form!

Finally a new set of figures is here to join the Nendoroid Petite series – and this time it’s the characters from ‘Death Note’.

The first set of figures called ‘Case File #01’ features the main character Light Yagami, as well as L, Misa Amane, the death gods Ryuk and Rem and even Watari, L’s loyal assistant. Each character includes certain items that featured in the original story, allowing multiple scenes from the anime or manga to be recreated in miniature form!

The second set, ‘Case File #02’ is currently in production!

Yagami Raito ( 夜神月 )


Amane Misa ( 弥海砂 )

Watari ( ワタリ )

Ryuk ( リューク)

Rem ( レム )

Death Note OP1

Official Death Note anime homepage

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