Wow, we have some really exciting coming soon news this week! =D

  • Okita Souji by MOVIC
  • Chie by Native
  • Lina Inverse by Volks
  • Hirasawa Yui by ???
  • FullPuni! Extra Teresa Veria by Evolution Toy
  • Super Sonico Bondage Ver. by Orchidseed

I don’t care much about male character. So yea, whoever his is, his is coming out in March next year.

Okita Souji
  • Manufacturer: MOVIC
  • Scale: 1/10 scale
  • Product Type: PVC figure
  • Announce Date: Unknown
  • Release Date: March 2011
  • Price: 9,800 yen (taxed in)

WOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!! CHIE!!!! Finally she is coming out! But she is Native online store exclusive… That sux big time!!! Sorry Todd, you can’t just get her in the normal way. =(

You can see more image of her here in WF2010 [summer] (18+)

  • Manufacturer: Native
  • Scale: 1/5 scale
  • Product Type: PVC figure
  • Announce Date: October 8, 2010
  • Release Date: April 2011
  • Price: figure only – 9,800 yen (taxed in), figure+bath set 12,800 yen (taxed in)
  • Note: Native Online store exclusive

Finally the painted images is up in Volks. She is colored resin casted so you don’t even need to have any painting skill to build her.

Lina Inverse
  • Manufacturer: Volks
  • Scale: Non-scale 230mm tall
  • Product Type: Colored resin GK
  • Announce Date: Unknown
  • Release Date: October 2010
  • Price: 10,000 yen

Hirasawa Yui prize figure and she is huge!!! 220mm tall is around 1/6 which is big for prize figure. Too bad I can’t figure out which manufacturer she is form. But most likely she is coming out from Banpresto or SEGA.

Hirasawa Yui
  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Scale: Unknown scale, 220mm tall
  • Product Type: PVC prize figure
  • Announce Date: Unknown
  • Release Date: March 2011
  • Price: 1,500 yen*

*The price “1,500 yen” is for reference only. Due to the nature of prize items, you can win them in game center for as low as 100 yen or you can just buy them off the shelf. Different stores have different prices set for them but usually they’re selling for around 1,100 yen to 1,500 yen.

The naked body is here for Teresa Veria! So just like the other FullPuni! figures which announced recently, she will come with both clothed body and naked body. But 17,680 yen and 16,680 yen is really not something anyone can afford. =/

FullPuni! Extra Teresa Veria
  • Manufacturer: Evolution Toy
  • Scale: Non-scale
  • Material: PVC action figure
  • Release Date: November 24, 2010
  • Price: 17,680 yen taxed in (Blu-ray)/ 16,680 yen taxed in (DVD)
  • Note: Bundled with The Qwaser of Stigmata DVD/Blu-ray Vol.8

YEAAH!!!!!! SUPER SONICO!!!! Last time we saw the original prototype, now I guess this one is the decomaster. (btw, I called all of them “prototype” in Nekomagic since there are a lot of them such as S1, S2… etc before the final product). Let’s hope that we will see the painted version soon. Oh, and let’s hope that she is NOT coming out in 2010! (@@.

Super Sonico Bondage Ver.
  • Manufacturer: Orchidseed
  • Scale: 1/7 scale
  • Product Type: PVC figure
  • Announce Date: Unknown
  • Release Date: Unknown
  • Price: Unknown