Comiket ( コミケット, Comic Market ) is the world’s largest manga convention, held twice a year, once in August, and once in December, at Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo, Japan. The 79th Comiket (C79) was held on December 29-31, 2010.

When it comes to Comiket, how can we miss cosplay? From what I saw in my Facebook, some of you are into cosplay too. I only tried twice and it was really fun. When I was in the costume, I really felt like I was actually the character myself. If you want to share your cosplay photos with me, you can tag me in photos in Facebook. =D

By the way, most of the photos were from 2ch and I found that some of them weren’t actually from C79. I tired my best to take those out but I think I still missed a lot.

Oh, one more thing, around one fifth of these photos are from Heruheru3, so you will see a lot of Lenfried, my favorite cosplayer! =P

You can download all the original size pic (Part 5) here

LOL, this is Uiharu! XD

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