Empty is going to release the Warrior Princess Solange ( 姫君戦士ソランジュ ) 1/7 PVC figure form the original illustration “Code of Princess” by Nishimura Kinu ( 西村キヌ ). Will be released in September 2011. Around 320mm tall (included base), 10,290 yen (taxed in). Empty exclusive.

You can order her here

For those who don’t know Nishimura Kinu, she is the official character designer and illustrator of Capcom from 1991-2009. Most of the promotion illustration of Street Figurer and other games were drawn by her. So it is normal if you think you had seen her artwork before.

This Warrior Princess Solange caugh a lot of attention in WF2011[winter]. She is really beautiful and the sculpture is pretty good, the paint job is a little big plain tho. Empty is a new PVC figure manufacturer and this is their first PVC figure. For some reason this is only available at Empty. Maybe they couldn’t find a distributor yet?

For those who want to order her, you can order her at Empty online shop here from February 25 to March 28, 2011 with your proxy service. If you don’t know any proxy service, here is a good new. Our sponsor Big in Japan is offering their own proxy service now! =D

Update (Mar 02): Here is a good news. For those who missed the pre-order at Play-Asia, you can check out Big in Japan here! They just have her listed. =D