Clayz Moe-ro Festival 8 ( クレイズ萌え~ろ祭り8 ) was hosted in Asakusabashi Tosho Center 3F ( 浅草橋東商センター 3F ) on April 29, 2012. It was a small event that hosted by Clayz itself to showcase their lines of GK and PVC figures.

The last Clayz Moe-ro Festival was in November 2010 and I thought Clayz was gonna show us a lot more stuff after 1.5 years. But the Clayz Moe-ro Festival this time was a bit disappointing. There really weren’t many to see. =(

This is one of my favorite sculptors Miyagawa Takeshi!!

Miyagawa Takeshi painted this Kuroneko on spot! =D

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