FREEing is going to release the BB Girls Collection ( BBギャルズコレクション ) Complete Collection ( 4体セット ) 1/8 PVC figure set from the arcade game “Border Break” ( ボーダーブレイク ) developed by SEGA. Will be released in March 2014. Around 150-235mm tall, 23,619 yen.

  • You can order them here:

Hilda, Cheska, Chihiro, Fiona (left to right)

I think this is my first time seeing a figure manufacturer announce and release four scaled figures form the same series at the same time.

Unless the person only collect figures from only one series or the person is a hardcore fan for that series, otherwise figure collecters like us like to buy scaled figures from the same series one by one. It is easier for Mr. Wallet and it is easier for us to allocate our budget. Most of the figure manufacturers know that so they rarely announce/release more than 2 scaled figures form the same series at the same time.

What a bold move from FREEing!

——Description from Manufacturer——

A collection of four beautiful girls from Border Break!

From the popular arcade game ‘Border Break’ comes a set of four figures from the series including the operators ‘Fiona’, ‘Chihiro’ and ‘Hilda’ as well as the mechanic, ‘Cheska’! The four girls all lying down together makes a scene out of a dream for any fans of the series! Be surrounded by the cute Border Break girls from all sides and enjoy each of their unique designs to the fullest!

BB Girls Collection (Complete Collection) – Serial Code –
· Vehicle Paint ‘Brown & Green’
· Character Items – Fiona Doll, Chihiro Doll, Hilda Doll, Cheska Doll
· Front Name ‘Special’ & Back Name ‘Harem’.

*These codes are only redeemable for use in the arcade game found in Japan.
*A BB.NET account is required to redeem this serial code. The code will be redeemable for a limited time only.
*Serial code contents differ for single figures. Please see below for more details.