WAVE is going to release the Treasure Figure Collection Beach Queens Takayama Maria ( 高山 マリア ) 1/10 PVC figure from the light novel/manga “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai” ( 僕は友達が少ない, I don’t have many friends). Will be released in October 2012. Around 140mm tall, 3,800 yen.

You can order her here

Mikazuki Yozora, Hasegawa Kobato, Kashiwazakia Sena, Shiguma Rika, Takayama Maria

Here come more lovely girls form the “Neighbor’s Club”, they are Rika and Maria!!! =D Maria is my favorite girl out of the pack but sadly I think WAVE screwed up the BQ Maira figure a little bit. =(

——Description from Manufacturer——

Here comes Maria Takayam from the popular title “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai” in a swimsuit!
10 years old and silver haired and blue eyed Maria’s cuteness has been expressed to the maximum!
The neck part has standard H neck joint used and it can be slightly posed.